Retainer Policies 
An initial retainer of $500.00 is a pre-payment toward our product and services. Thirty (30) days prior to your event a non-refundable retainer equal to 50% of your expected charges will be due. Seven (7) days prior to this event a guaranteed expected guest count and/or order will be due. As this is the guest count and/or order for which we will prepare and/or staff, it is also the minimum number and/or order for which you will be charged. Final payment in full will be due at this time, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

Labor & Production Fees 
Labor charges are for the total number of hours noted on the contract, beginning with the arrival of the staff and ending with the departure of the staff from the premises, unless travel time has been contracted as additional. Any additional labor hours will be at the contracted rate and will be due at the conclusion of the event. There is a 6-hour minimum for events ending after 4 p.m. and a 4-hour minimum for breakfast, lunch, or events ending before 4 p.m.

Our Production Fee is NOT a gratuity. All of this charge goes to cover administrative costs, planning, insurances, licenses and other costs associated with your event. Gratuities are left to the discretion of the client, but will be shared equally among all staff responsible for your event.

Miscellaneous Policies
~ No food product(s) other than those provided by Naomi’s Catering are to be brought in or served without prior written agreement from Naomi’s Catering.  Bridal and Groom’s cakes are exceptions to this policy, however we reserved the right NOT to serve any product we deem to be of a quality that we prefer not to be associated with or may cause harm to our reputation and brand. We absolutely will not serve any product (baked or otherwise) that has not come from a properly and legally permitted, licensed and insured vendor.

~ Naomi’s Catering is to be provided with a private kitchen or staging area unless other arrangements are agreed upon by Naomi’s Catering. For safety and organizational reasons access to this area is to be limited to only Naomi’s Catering staff.

~ We require that all service staff (food, beverage, bar, etc.) be our employees.   This policy covers any staff that guests could possibly perceive as being associated with Naomi’s Catering. (Example: Bartenders, wait/bus staff, carvers, door staff, etc.)

~ Prices are not guaranteed until seven (7) days prior to the event in case of food or operating costs rising beyond our control. In the event the cost of a product rises beyond a profitable price, the client will be offered the choice of an exchange, deletion of the item or a higher price.

~ In the event of additional guests at the time of service, these guests will incur a penalty fee equal to 1.5 times the quoted price.

.~ Please remember to include in your guaranteed head count all vendors that are to be provided food and/or beverages (bands, photographers, coordinators, planners, etc.).

Cancellation policies:
~ All retainers are non-refundable under all circumstances of cancellation by the client, which is why we ask for payments in three tiers.  The retainer is pre-payment for the agreed upon products and services as well as billable hours spent planning, creating proposals, meetings, and any other costs incurred by the time of cancellation, including lost revenue for the date booked.  If no retainer is being held, you will be invoiced for these charges under the same payment policies agreed upon for the event.  If these costs include any products purchased for your event, you are welcome to them-however; we do ask that you make your wishes known at the time of cancellation and that you make arrangements for these products to be picked up within 24 hours of cancellation.

~ Postponements and date changes will be accommodated to the best of our ability.  We reserved the right to hold to our Cancellation Policies in the event of postponement or date change for the products and services.

~If Naomi’s Catering, Inc. is unable for any reason to fulfill the products and services as contracted, all payments will be refunded in full.

~This policy includes, but is not limited to: weather, all natural disasters, acts of God, illnesses, death, war or acts of terrorism.  All exclusions will be at the sole discretion of Calvin Coleman, President, Naomi’s Catering, Inc.

~ This agreement contains the entire understanding between the Client and Naomi's Catering, Inc. and any questions to the validity, construction, or performance of this agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the State of Mississippi.